The little story:

Salam Éditions is the result of a family passion for "paper"...
It all started in La Rochelle in 1973 with the acquisition of an old bookstore dating from 1905. Those who appreciate the Rumeur des Ages house know either Martine for her wise advice in literature, regionalism, art, history... or André for the reissue of texts on the art and aesthetics of the 19th century and its hand-sewn books (yes, yes, hand-sewn!).
As he likes to say, Thomas therefore grew up between 2 piles of books. Fascinated by the images that surrounded him, he first focused on travel books, then extended his curiosity to old engravings, geographical maps and lithographed posters. A desire was born, that of taking these treasures out of this specialized environment to share them with as many people as possible for their historical, aesthetic and decorative qualities. In 2008, it's decided, Salam Éditions will offer reproductions accessible but edited with the greatest care. Very quickly, passionate shops and framing craftsmen recognized the quality of the prints offered. The adventure is on!
Research in the archives, the choice of the original document that could find a place in your interiors, the retouching and calibration work, the printing of the prints in small series on a high-end paper chosen with care... everything remains under control "at home" and comes out of the workshop in La Rochelle on demand for more than 10 years with the same passion.
What a pride to share this adventure with you!