Mondial Relay or Colissimo

If you do not know which carrier to choose, here is a little explanation of our vision of things:

Mondial Relay has the big advantage of costing you a little less, but beware, the service is not less! If you know, for example, that you are not present when the postman comes by and that you will have to pick up your package at La Poste, the latter will then be handled less and will wait for you directly at the Relay point.

Our method upon receipt of your orders via Mondial Relay is as follows: we assess the weight and size of your package and validate it. Mondial Relay then takes care of finding the Relay point closest to you. A few days later you will then be invited by email or text message to pick up your package (remember if possible to give us your 06).

Colissimo via La Poste you know. To reassure ourselves we have chosen the expert mode. Your package can only be delivered to you against signature. This will prevent your postman from folding your beautiful print to put it in the mailbox ;-) . If you are absent, you will have to pick up your package at the post office in your home.

Regarding the making of packages, we tell you about it here !

If you do not pick up your packages, they will be returned to us. We keep them and await your instructions. If you wish to be reimbursed, we will then deduct the shipping costs. If you want a second shipment you will have to pay the costs of the second shipment...

Here I hope we have been clear, for any further questions do not hesitate to contact us