Bottomless Billie Eilish

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This year, we wanted to develop our catalog by working with contemporary local artists.

Today, zoom on the La Rochelle artist:

Inspired by certain lines of African art, igreka2n, professional graphic designer and illustrator since always, has focused for several years on the portrait. A scalpel in hand, La Rochelle cuts the paper to give life to different faces, atypical faces, sometimes tortured, subtle and very rock.

Today, through this collaboration with Salam Editions, igreka2n has had the opportunity to create a collection of stars, while keeping its unique style. From Gainsbourg, Bowie, Prince, classic and timeless figures of international music, via Clara Luciani, Arnaud Rebotini... Current or iconic celebrities, this gallery of portraits is a real novelty in decoration and posters to be framed. Your walls were just waiting for this!