I love you

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Size: 18x24

Reproduction of an old advertising poster on Vergé 220G light ivory paper.

These artisanal prints are made in our workshop in La Rochelle.

This is undoubtedly the most romantic of the master's chronophotographs in the field: Georges Demenÿ.
A man unjustly misunderstood in comparison to his contribution to the 7th art... and to sport! We explain to you.
In pairs with Etienne-Jules Marey, a doctor, they broke down the movement into photos, animated them and dressed them in sound to make it… finally a film! The dimension is totally medical and educational. There is still no narration or recreational aim, as we will find in the films of the Lumière brothers, a few years later. This chronophotography was to be used to teach hearing-impaired people how to lip-read. They obviously started with THE essential sentence for each individual: “I love you”. When we say that the French are romantic!

And for physical education?

Ruined by his research, Demenÿ sold the rights to a certain Léon Gaumont (yes, the Gaumont of cinemas) and theorized physical education as we know it today, in books and by creating a school.
Like what there really are "several lives in a life"...

Last funny fact: It is Georges Demenÿ himself who serves as a model in "I love you". What put a face to a name.

So don't wait any longer to tell your other half how important she is to your heart. You can shout to him with a 70 x 100 cm poster or whisper to him with an 18 x 24 cm poster. Plus, you already have the anecdote to impress him 😎